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· On The Spot ~ Pete Spratt

· Article author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Posted on 02/17 at 05:00 PM

MMA’s Brad LeBeau recently caught up to UFC veteran Pete Spratt. Pete has been competing in MMA for the past 9 years and has an extensive background in Muay Thai Kickboxing. Spratt was trained by the one and only Saekson Janjira who is highly regarded as one of the best Muay Thai trainers in the United States and around the World. Pete Spratt has been in the cage/ring with the likes of George St. Pierre, Josh Koscheck, Marcus Davis, Carlos Newton, Robbie Lawler, Chris Lytle, Matt Serra and Carlo Condit just to name a few! Spratt holds a 3-4 UFC record and an overall MMA record of 19-11-0. He also carries a 15-3 kickboxing record with an overall fight record of 49-14-0.

Spratt currently continues his Muay Thai and MMA training under coach Mark Dellagrotte of Team Sityodtong Boston and his boxing under former WBC Champion “Jesse“ James Leija. He has been training jiu-jitsu under Pinheiro for 13 months now and currently holds a blue belt. He has also trained under Houston’s Saul Soliz and Seattle’s Maurice Smith. Some of his training partners have included Yves Edwards, Chris Brennan, Melvin Guillard, Shonie Carter Travis Lutter, Jorge Rivera, Rich Clementi, Gideon Ray, Kenny Florian, Sam Soliman, Chris Leben, Bob Sapp, Duane Ludwig, Charles McCarthy, Mickey Burnett, Alex Andrade, Guy Mezger, Tra Telligman and many, many others. He was also a member of Spike Tv’s very popular show The Ultimate Fighter 4 “The Comeback”! This show enabled Spratt to refocus on his MMA career and have a brand new start to re-establish himself as one of the best welterweights in the world. Since TUF 4 Spratt’s career has been up and down with a record of 3-4. Not ready to fold his cards, at 38 Spratt still feels he has what it takes to get back on top. Time will tell.

Entertainment wise, Spratt has a budding music and acting career. In 2007, Spratt realeased his 1st solo cd called Real which is available at select Hastings’ and Best Buy Stores, also available online at He also has movies called Repentance and Serum available at all Blockbuster Video and Best Buy stores. In 2008, Spratt landed roles in films Double Down, Cross the Line 2, Templar: Honor Among Thieves, Owned and is reading for a film called All Around Girl.


BL: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with the MMA Pete.
PS: Sure thing, it’s my pleasure.

BL: First off, how are things going for you Pete?
PS: Hmm… Things are well I guess. My family life is good. Home life is good. My kids are well, so I cant complain.

BL: How did you get the nickname “Secret Weapon“?
PS: I’m not much of a secret anymore, so there’s no need to answer that question again. Haha!

BL: I understand you are doing cross fit training now, have you noticed any improvements from it?
PS: Yeah, I train at Alamo Crossfit, and I love the new training. It’s something different everyday. Crossfit is a way of life, and I am enjoying the new things I am getting from them. I have noticed a change in my strength, conditioning, and stamina. Rick Martinez and the guys at Alamo Crossfit are like family, and when I have a fight coming up they do everything they can to motivate me to do my best; even putting pictures of my opponent around the gym. It’s a great atmosphere.

BL: Your last scheduled opponent suffered an injury resulting in the cancellation of your fight. Do you have anything on the horizon?
PS: Actually, I was contacted by XMMA and I am hoping to lock down a fight there for February 27th since I am still in shape from my cancellation with Strikebox. In the mean time, I have Rodrigo fighting this weekend for Supreme Warrior Challenge in Dallas, TX vs. Damien Stelly. I also have my training camps going for my other guys as well. So I am staying busy and staying in shape while getting my guys ready.

BL: Do you have any other projects coming up?
PS: Nothing to much really. I had a few films that I was scheduled to be in this year but I haven’t heard anything about them in several months. My agent has been very ill recently, so all the projects we were working on have been on hold. I am really focused on fighting this year. I will be boxing professionally as well, and I am dropping a weight class. Yup, heard it first, I am moving to 155!

BL: Is there any particular fighter you would like to face?
PS: At this stage in my career, I really don’t care. I don’t have anyone in particular I want to fight. Whoever!

BL: You have faced some top competition throughout your career, who was your toughest fight to date, and which is the most memorable?
PS: My toughest fight was probably in my third fight versus a guy named Doug Carpenter. It was at Saul Soliz’s inaugural Renegades show in Houston, TX. It was a four man tourney at 175lbs with Pancrase rules. I hit this guy with everything I had and he kept coming. I ended up winning by decision. My most memorable would have to be beating Robbie Lawler, that’s the fight that really put me on the map so to speak.

BL: You have fought in a few different countries, which one has the most knowledgeable Mixed Martial Arts fans?
PS: Are you kidding? You have to know the answer to that….... The Japanese are the most knowledgeable! They appreciate all aspects of MMA and are patient and attentive when there is a strategic ground battle going on. They treat you the best, and are very appreciative of their fighters. I love fighting in Japan.

BL: Everyone has a favorite story about training, fighting, or traveling, care to share one of yours?
PS: I would have to say, when I was training with Yves [Edwards] out in Houston. I used to drive three and a half hours every weekend to train with him and Saul Soliz. Anyway, one weekend I was sick and I had a fever. When I got to the gym they were getting ready to spar. Of course when you’re watching your teammates get after it, you wanna get in there. So my sick ass decided to get in there even thought I was feeling bad. Well Yves and I were sparring and the next thing I remember is I was on my ass and everyone was looking at me, (LOL). I was like OK, how long was I out? They were like “maybe thirty seconds or so”. Then I said, “Yves what did you hit me with?” He told me “a right uppercut.” We laughed it off, and ended the night and went home. The next day sparring rolled around and I was feeling better. Well, Yves and I hooked it up again and I knocked him out with a right uppercut!

BL: Where do you train right now, and who are some of the guys you train with?
PS: I train in San Antonio, TX. My boxing coach is, the legendary, Jesse James Leija (two time WBC Champ). I train jiu-jitsu with world Brazilian champion Rodrigo Pinheiro (black belt under Saulo Ribiero). I train Muay Thai under Mark Dellagrotte, with Team Sityodtong Boston. Some of my training partners in San Antonio are Aaron Rosa (formerly of Elite XC, now with Strikeforce). Marcus Hicks came in last week, and I helped him prepare for his upcoming fight with Razor Rob. Carlos ‘Famoso’ Hernandez (former WBC Champ), Isaias Martinez, Kyle Cress, and several others.

BL: You have had a lot going on in the past couple years with your fighting, music, movies, and family. How do you manage to keep everything balanced?
PS: It’s tough keeping everything balanced out. The main thing is, you have to have an understanding wife or significant other, or be single. The demands of the entertainment business are nuts, and if you don’t have understanding and communication then it can lead to a disastrous home life.

BL: We all know you have a lot of fight in you still, Pete. But is there anything you want to accomplish before you hang up the gloves?
PS: There’s a lot I want to accomplish in fighting before I retire. I would like to jump into the top 10 in boxing and MMA. I have a lot of work to do but with the right fights I think I can get there with no problem. I feel great, I have never taken a lot of punishment in any of my fights; so I am a young 38. I want to pull off another ‘Randy Couture’ and be doing my best fighting in my later years… stay tuned.

BL: As a guy who once fought GSP, what is your feeling on Greasegate and what do you think about the new corner man rules the NSAC has implemented?
PS: I think it was a total accident, but you see clearly on the video that it happened and the rules have been in place in regards to that. Right, wrong, or indifferent there are consequences to be met. As a fighter, the rules don’t affect us either way, so it’s not that big of a deal. We are expected to go fight and our cornermen are there to take care of us within the guidelines of the rules.

BL: In your opinion, who is the number one Pound For Pound fighter in the world?
PS: Hmm…. I would have to say Fedor [Emelianenko], [Urijah] Faber, or [Miguel] Torres. All are very tough and great athletes.

BL: Finally Pete, a questioned that must be answered. What is your favorite cereal?
PS: Hmm….. my favorite cereal would have to be Fruity Pebbles! I love that stuff!

BL: Do you have any shout outs for any of your sponsors?
PS: I just landed a deal with Clinch Gear and I am really happy with the new company that I represent. Affliction, House of Pain, MMA Overload, Training Day, MRI Nutrition, Epic Vodka, Ed Hardy Eyewear, Split Lip, Hayabusa, and Fighter Warehouse. I also wanna shout out to my teams: Team Sityodtong Boston, Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ, ChampionFit Gym, and Alamo Crossfit.

BL: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with the MMA Pete. Good luck in your training and future fights.
PS: Not a problem, anytime!*

by Brad LeBeau

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