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· On The Spot ~ Cat Albert

· Article author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Posted on 01/28 at 05:00 PM

Cat Albert was born in Minnesota, but soon moved with her family to Colorado at a very young age. She attended High School in Boulder, CO where she got involved with combat sports after joining the wrestling team. Eventually, Cat moved around a bit, wrestling in Illinois and Kentucky while attending college, but ended up moving back to Colorado where she feels at home.

She began training Jiu Jitsu in March of 2007 with Professor Mauricio Zingano and instantly fell in love with the sport. She started to compete in and win many tournaments, including the 2007 World Jiu Jitsu Championships. Throughout her entire Jiu Jitsu career, she has never had a point scored against her. In October of 2007 she got her start at Mixed Martial Arts winning her first match by TKO in a little over a minute into the first round.

Cat is known for her incredible tenacity, aggressiveness and relentless style of fighting. Recently, the 2-0 (8-1 overall) Cat ‘Alpha’ Albert sat down with MMA Spot’s Damien Masters to talk about her young MMA career.

Damien: I will start by saying congratulations on your recent win, and acquiring the 135 lbs. Purefight Women’s Championship. How does it feel being a champion?
Cat: Feels great. I was really excited to get a chance at a title belt and a chance to somewhat avenge my only loss to Louise Johnson. Accomplishing many of my goals in the fight makes it an extra special win for me and my coaches.

Damien: Your opponent looked tough, how do you feel she handled the fight?
Cat: Angela Samaro is no joke. She looked tough because she is tough. She definitely was a worthy opponent and had a lot of heart from beginning to end. I think she has a bright career ahead of her.

Damien: You have finished both your fights with submissions, but you also show solid stand up, which do you prefer?
Cat: Prefer?...I am very confident on the ground. However, I really like the feeling of connecting head kicks and a good ol’ fashioned jab-cross. I am working on my stand up daily and am finding out that I am picking it up quickly. If I have to prefer one thing to the other, I would have to say it is very circumstantial. I like to be rounded enough to know that if the girl wants to stand, I will stand and knock her out, If she wants to go to the ground with me, I will dominate her there as well.

Damien: Do you know when your next fight will be?
Cat: As of now I am going to Brazil for vacation and a tournament. I leave a week from Feb. 5 and will be on my way to defend my championship title at the Rio De Janiero State Tournament. I won’t be hearing of any fights until I get back so I can focus on BJJ and get my rest, but I know there are offers sitting on the table for when I return.

Damien: If you could have any fight, who would you choose? Why would you want to fight them?
Cat: As far as achievements, I would like to fight all the top girls to make my way up the proverbial ladder. In order to be the best you have to beat the best. So line ‘em up. As far as a personal agenda, I would like another shot at Louise Johnson. Even though I beat Angela, which in a round about way means I avenged myself, I would still like to wipe that record clean. Unfortunately, her manager said that will never happen in my lifetime. Bummer.

Damien: Where do you train?
Cat: I train with Mauricio Zingano at Zingano Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for my MMA, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. I train with Oscar Martinez at Muay Thai of Colorado for my stand up.

Damien: What made you first decide that MMA was the career path for you?
Cat: I always did well in everything I ever tried as far as sports go. The sport that I identified with the most was wrestling; both freestyle and collegiate. I picked up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and excelled very quickly giving me and my coaches more incentive to get me into the cage. Having had a wrestling/BJJ background and an interest in MMA, I felt that half of the work needed to be a successful fighter was already done. I already had the mental toughness, the killer instinct, and the ground skills required to go into combat, I just needed to learn to fight on my feet. I took my first fight back in OCT of 2007 and couldn’t remember being that excited since I was a little kid. After that fight, I was determined to take myself to a whole new level of mental, physical, and emotional challenges. There is nothing out there that has given me the opportunity to test myself like MMA has. I am ready to take it to the top and I can’t wait to see the view.

Damien: If you could meet any fighter who would it be and why?
Cat: I don’t really get too star struck; moreover, I think all MMA fighters are fascinating. It takes a rare breed to want to get into that cage and risk life and limb for a sense of achievement and to challenge one’s self. There are fighters that catch my eye with their style and techniques, and I absorb what I can from them and their experiences. MMA fighters, overall, are simply the toughest of the tough. As I fight in or visit different venues, I meet different types of fighters, some I am happy I met, some I am amazed that I got the chance to see fight. Big names, little names, the MMA family is full of people that share the same blood, sweat and tears that I do.

Damien: How does your family feel about you fighting?
Cat: My fiancé is my coach and everyone I train with are my brothers and sisters. They support me unconditionally and motivate me when I can’t seem to motivate myself enough. I find we are closer at the gym then most people are in their own homes. My immediate family has been to a fight or two, but find it not to be their scene. However, they are supportive. My mother died three years ago, but if she were still here, I know she would be my biggest fan in the crowd. She was always the loudest mom at my wrestling meets and never hesitated in telling me to go out there and do my best. She would be proud of me no matter what. She is still a huge part of what motivates me. My son runs around the gym playing and practicing his idea of what he observes MMA to be, however, really just has fun hanging out with his 20 oz. gloves on. He says he wants to wrestle, which is music to my ears. I can’t wait to see him wrestle and to be the loudest mom in the room.

Damien: What are your thoughts on the Women’s MMA scene, where do you see it going in the future?
Cat: I think women fighters are making leaps and bounds as far as technique and skill levels. That, in itself, will make the women’s MMA scene grow. I occasionally see women’s MMA fights to be the most intense fights of the card, and that seems to be happening more and more frequently. I like the progress of women’s MMA, I also think women should get paid a little better. I have heard that women will never be in the UFC, which is fine.

Damien: Do you have a message for any of the people that have helped you along the way?
Cat: To my coaches, team mates, fans, family and sponsors.
Thanks for all your support!!

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by Damien Masters

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