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· Mike Swick ~ I Want The Big Fights

· Article author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Posted on 03/10 at 07:19 AM

It’s been four years since The Ultimate Fighter reality series premiered on Spike TV. From that project came several unforgettable characters and moments. But more than anything, the television show introduced the world to a bevy of new stars. Forrest Griffin, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, may lead the notable names still making waves in their respected divisions, but other fighters such as Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, Chris Leben, Nate Quarry, Stephan Bonnar, Josh Koscheck, and Mike Swick are still around, and all are still very relevant to UFC fans and executives.

Of all of the names just listed Mike ‘Quick’ Swick has probably enjoyed the most success with the least amount of fanfare. Swick is an amazing 8-1 in his UFC career. Swick’s only loss came to top middleweight contender Yushin Okami, by decision. The loss prompted Swick to finally drop from the 185 lbs weight class to his more natural 170 lbs. He just completed his third fight at welterweight with a thirty-three second destruction of Jonathan Goulet. “Its different fighting at this weight but I like it. I am much happier.” Now that he is comfortable at welterweight, Swick is beginning to catch his stride and is zeroing in on his ultimate target. “Well GSP of course. He is the division king right now,” Swick would say.

Before Swick can get to St. Pierre though, he must battle through two seemingly steep challenges. The first challenge being his own health. “I broke a bone off in my foot. It’s just floating in there now. The foot is very risky to do surgery on. There are so many bones and veins and tissues that could get caught up. The doctor said that letting it heal would be best. He said I should try and not use it if it is going to heal fast. That’s not going to happen, but I do protect it as best I can.” With his foot on the mend, Mike has a heavy task ahead of him in his next opponent. “I am fighting Ben Saunders in Germany at UFC 99 on June 13th. I think he is a tough opponent and I am not taking him lightly. He likes to strike, as do I, so this fight can easily get crazy. We hope for a quick KO but plan for the worst.” Saunders could stand to be a very stiff test to Swick. In that fight Swick will not have as large a striking and reach advantage that he enjoys over most welterweights. However, he still has a great all-around skill set, and can certainly force Saunders to fight Swick on his terms.

Depending on the outcome of the Saunders fight, many people in the industry have pegged Swick to be the next in line for a title shot, facing off against either Thiago Alves or Georges St. Pierre. So does Mike feel the same about this declaration? “Yes I do. I am 8-1 in the UFC and want to keep pushing forward. I want the big fights. I would like to be the champion. I feel good this year and think its going to be big for me. But, I am not worrying about that right now. Thiago deserves his shot and I think he will do good. I will get mine when the time is right.”

It’s a strong statement for anyone to make, but it’s one that Swick feels confident in making. Why not be confident? Considering that his teammates at American Kickboxing Academy, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch, have already been in similar positions, you can’t blame him. Can you? “Well, I can’t go over a strategy but we feel I bring different elements to the table than their [Thiago or Georges’] previous opponents.” It’s training with top contenders such as Koscheck and Fitch; along with Josh Thomson, Devin Clark, Pat Minihan, Luke Rockhold, Paul Buentello, Mike Kyle, Justin Wilcox, Nate Moore, and Nate James at AKA that allows for such confidence. Swick also has some of the very best trainers to go along with his training partners, “My trainers are Bob Cook, Javier Mendez, Dave Camarillo, and Wheetsie, I am always trying to improve and never satisfied.” that drive him to, hopefully one day, becoming a champion.

“Being an Ultimate Fighter is my career,” says Swick. It’s something he has embraced on his way to becoming somewhat of an ambassador for Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC. This was evident when he asked to be on the UFC-Fight For The Troops card back on December 12, 2008 that benefited injured military personnel. Yes, I love helping out when I can and I love the military. I think part of success is what you do with it. It is very important to give back and help others who are starting out just as I was years ago.” He’s also made several trips abroad to Thailand where he trains and helps to spread the sport globally. “It was great. I love Thailand. It is good training. I was there 50% for vacation and 50% for training.”

In keeping with his busy life outside of the cage, the self professed lover of ice cream and Cap’n Crunch talks about his other interests, “I play a lot of poker and love to travel. My all new website is launching on March 20th ( and will have Poker and Travel sections with more info.” Including his website, Mike also keeps up his media credentials doing Real Quick for He also has quite a collection of other small projects scattered all over the internet. They are definitely worth taking time to check out. All of this on top of being a newlywed, and you can certainly say that Mike better be ‘Quick’ in order to keep up with all that he has going on.**

Mike Swick would like to thank the following:
All the fans for their support, Full Tilt Poker, Sprawl, Toe2Toe, Oakgrove, Pain Inc, SCORE Clinic, and all the other sponsors on my website at

To find Mike ‘Quick’ Swick on the web:,, and please check out his all new website when it launches on March 20th!

written by J. Andrew Yount
with Damien Masters

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