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· “Cage Rage UK: The Beat Down” Results And Photos

· Article author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Posted on 12/04 at 10:51 AM

Saturday’s “Cage Rage UK: The Beat Down” from The Troxy in London England featured heavy-handed action from some of England’s most exciting fighters. The main event pitted Jake "Brutal" Bostwick facing Denniston Sutherland in a rematch of their March 2010 bout that ended in a split decision. This time the fight would not go to the scorecards, as both men would looked to finish from the opening bell on.

In the main event, Jake "Brutal" Bostwick confirmed his dominance as he obliterated bitter rival, Denniston Sutherland, with a perfect left hook to walk away with the Cage Rage U.K. middleweight title. 

Neither fighter was concerned by the idea of exchanging punches at close range and each time they broke free from the clinch, powerful bombs were unleashed across the cage. Bostwick was the first to land with significant affect as he wobbled Sutherland with a left hand.

Sutherland was stunned and disorientated as he lurched across the cage to avoid Bostwick’s attack. However, the Kidbrooke fighter was in hot pursuit, cocking his left hand as he rolled in with a picture perfect hook to the jaw. Sutherland crashed to the floor unconscious and out of the game.

Former pro boxer, Mark Potter carried a 10kg weight advantage into his heavyweight K-1 title fight with Welsh underdog, Chris Harmon. The fight very quickly became a game of cat and mouse, as “The Great White Shark” chased Harmon around the cage. 

To his credit, however, Harmon fired off some hurtful jabs which seemed to catch Potter by surprise, causing a cut above his right eye. In response, Potter surged forward and landed a combination of brutal punches to the head and body, putting Harmon on the deck. 

The out-gunned Welsh fighter showed incredible resilience as he repeatedly struggled back to his feet to beat the count and at one point stunning Potter with a hard counter-punch. However, it was not to be, and the punching onslaught from the former boxer proved too much. A series of hard body shots in the second round put an end to Harmon’s brave and memorable challenge.

Louis “KO” King shocked the world as he snatched the middleweight K-1 belt from Mark Weir, knocking the legendary champion clean out in only 20 seconds.

Much was expected from King and his in-your-face attacking style, but not many would have predicted the finish to this one. The Haslemere fighter parried a left high kick from Weir and fired back with a right hand, followed by a brutal left hook which landed flush on the jaw. 

Weir was instantly blasted unconscious and dropped straight down as if he had been shot. Some tense moments followed as the paramedics rushed to assist, but the Gloucester fighter was soon back on his feet, watching the incredible KO on the big screen. 

Former heavyweight champion, Ben Smith appeared to have found a new home as he made his debut in the light heavyweight division. Although determined and inexplicably cheerful, his opponent Ricky Campbell was unable to make it out of the blocks as Smith propelled him onto the mat and battered him against the cage.

In the second round, Campbell worked hard to regain his feet, but in doing so, exposed his back to the marauding former titlist who clamped on a rear-naked choke to secure victory. 

Iain Martell laid waste to the challenge of Earl Brown, blasting him out on the floor in just over three minutes of one-sided action. The Koabon fighter scored the takedown in the opening seconds and proceeded to work from top position, relentlessly punching his way to the finish.

Muay Thai champion, Andre McIntyre employed his skills and experience to great effect in his cage kickboxing debut against tough brawler, Miguel Bernad. 

The Thai boxing champion soon found his distance and banged in a series of knees, kicks and punches to the body, which forced Bernad to take a knee. It was more of the same in the second as McIntyre turned up the pressure with knees and punches, repeatedly battering his foe to the ground and out of the contest.

Spe McMorris turned up late without any cornermen and was immediately punished by Carl Hunt who bashed him into submission on the mat in 67 seconds.

A very focussed-looking Wendle Lewis breezed past Andy Cona in a solid but unspectacular display of grappling. Cona initially defended a very fast takedown attempt from the Titan fighter, but as soon as Lewis caught half guard, he began to work his way into a controlling position.

As soon as an opportunity arose, Lewis swooped for the rear naked choke to score a first round submission win.

Lee Caers announced his arrival on the London fight scene as he despatched promotional mainstay, Ben Craggy in two minutes. They traded punches in the early going before Caers caught hold of a standing guillotine and tripped his way into the mount to complete the submission.

Jason Radcliffe sailed across the cage with a gravity-defying jump knee to begin his match with Peter "Odd Job" Craete. It landed hard, dropping Craete to the mat as Radcliffe swarmed with punches, forcing the referee to intervene after only 20 seconds.

Highly touted newcomer, Nathan Greyson fought with super-human confidence in an untidy scrap with Steve Brazier. Greyson charged headlong into vicious punching exchanges with the House of Pain fighter and soon caused a cut and some nasty swelling around the left eye.

After a brutal slam from the Lions Pride rep, a cut inspection revealed Brazier was in no conditional to continue, handing the win to Greyson.

Hussein Garabet started brightly as he surprised South African fighter, Brendon Katz with a fast double-leg takedown. However, Katz quickly stood back up and slammed the Ban Dogs representative and controlled the ground fight before choking his opponent out at the four-minute mark. 

London Shootfighter, Esi Moradi made a successful debut as he slammed the over-matched Micky Millar—and tapped him with a kimura in only 60 seconds. 

Photos: Jimmy Page

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