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· On The Spot ~ Rob Mills

· Article author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Posted on 02/16 at 02:41 AM

If you blink you may just miss one of Rob “Robocop” Mills’ fights. This rising British star has a knack for finishing fights in quick and devastating fashion. Mills will join fellow explosive finishers Paul “Semtex” Daley and John “The White Tyson” Phillips on the main card of the February 26 BAMMA 5 event, from the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, England.

Mills’ impressive 6-1 record includes five consecutive first round stoppages, four of which coming in the first minute of the fight. That streak has fighters across Europe running for cover. Just ask recent opponent Simon Phillips who he gave just thirty seconds to put down his hands (weapon) and comply (if only every nickname originated from an 80’s action film).

MMA Spot’s Jamie Kennedy recently sat down with the electrifying mixed martial artist, as he prepares for his highest profile bout, to discuss his next fight, his fighting style, and his aspirations for the future.


Jamie Kennedy: You are fighting on the BAMMA 5 card on February 26. How does it feel to be fighting on such a stacked card?
Rob Mills: Yeah, it really is a quality card for sure. It’s nice to not be the center of attention for a change. I think I’m like fifth or sixth from the top of the bill. I have mainly been fighting on more local shows over the past few fights, and when that happens you get used to being near the top of the card or the main event. To be honest, it’s a nice change to not be fighting so late; though I’m hoping to still make the televised portion of the card with any luck.

Kennedy: I have seen you fight several times and the longest I can recall one of your fights lasting was against former UFC fighter Tom Egan, which lasted all of two minutes. Is that something you focus on, finishing the fight as quickly as possible?
Rob Mills: If I could go my whole career and keep winning without getting out of the first round I’d be pretty happy. I’ve had around 40 fights if you add my Muay Thai, K1, Kickboxing, and MMA fights together, and I’ve only ever went the distance three times. It’s not that much fun. I’ve had 12 bouts that went less than two minutes, and they were all great fun.. Well for me any way.

Kennedy: On the BAMMA 5 card, in Manchester, you will be facing local fighter Leigh Cahoon. How much do you know about him, and what is the biggest threat he brings to the cage?
Rob Mills: To be honest, I’m now thoroughly sick of looking at the lad’s fights. I seem to watch him fight every day. He’s pretty well-rounded and has come back from a bad spot in one of his fights, which showed a lot of composure. He looks to have a good set of skills in all areas, and he’s a young lad so I’ve no doubt his cardio’s very good too. I think it will be a real up-and-down, knock down, drag out sort of affair. I actually think it is gonna be one of the best fights of the night.

Kennedy: Without giving to much of your game plan away, how do you see the fight playing out?
Rob Mills: It’s always tough to predict the outcome of a fight, but I think I may just have a little too much experience for him at this point in his career. I’ve been fighting since I was 15 so that’s along time now. Sadly. I’m a big guy too, and walk around at well over 210 pounds but actually rarely find the cut hard. I know Leigh is rangier, but I’m the bigger fighter physically. I also think, with the exception of “Semtex,” that I’ve got the heaviest hands in the U.K. division. So he’s gotta be aware that it’s a big risk trading with me at any point in the fight. I do have habit of knocking people out with glancing shots, and even fractured a lads skull in a fight early last year. Funniest thing is though, I’ve got six years of “jits” behind me now and love fighting off my back, so I’m not at all worried about being taken down and will be more than happy to work on the ground. Most guys say they’re going to stand with me, but as the saying goes, ‘if you’re gonna grab a tiger by the tail you better have a plan for dealing with it’s teeth.’ Trust me, when I hit him he’ll start looking for the takedown.

Kennedy: With this fight being on free TV (SyFy Channel) as well as being one of the biggest U.K. cards in recent history, how do you feel the added exposure will help your career?
Rob Mills: I’ve got to see if my fight makes the televised card first. However, if it does, I hope people will see, win or lose, that I come to fight and finish the match as quickly as possible. I never said I was the best guy in my class, but I do think I’m one of the most fun to watch.

Kennedy: Should you beat Cahoon, what is next for Rob Mills?
Rob Mills: Well, BAMMA will have a champ at the end of the night, so should I win, I don’t think there will be a huge queue of U.K. guys wanting to step up to fight either of them. So let’s see what happens.

There’s a UFC card scheduled for Scotland, I believe, so who knows. I’m not getting any younger. So if they want me at my peak, that’s now! There’s lots of good U.K. guys out there but they’re all quite a lot younger than me, so I think I’d be a good bet for a two or three fight contract.

Kennedy: Where do you train?
Rob Mills: I currently do the majority of my training at the Faktory in Newcastle, but also do a lot of work at Goldstar Fitness Club in Heaton.

Kennedy: Are there any other fighters from your gym we should look out for?
Rob Mills: The obvious one is Muay Thai sensation Craig Jose. He recently won the MAD world title beating one of the stars of “The Contender” TV show, Zidov, in a absolute clinic of a fight. He’s looking to move into MMA soon. I think he’ll smash the living daylights out of anyone in the lightweight division who tries to stand with him. Other lads coming through in MMA are Tommy Quinn and Ryan Roddy both lads are awesome but wisely taking a break from fighting to concentrate on their university degrees. When they go back to competition they’re gonna be a handful for anyone.

Kennedy: What can fans expect from a Rob Mills fight in the future?
Rob Mills: Reckless, crazy striking as usual. I’ve got a philosophy about fighting and if you’re not attacking you’re losing. My motto has always been, ‘Come back with your shield, or on it.’

Which other fights on the BAMMA card should the fans look out for?
Rob Mills: I think the Daley fight will be awesome. I’m a huge “Semtex” fan, so I really can’t wait to see that. I think he’ll just blitz him early.

Kennedy: Is there anyone you’d like to thank?
Rob Mills: Yeah, all my sponsors: Punchtown, Goldstar Supplements, Fightwear MK, Deep Blue Fightwear, and Bodybuilding Warehouse. Oh and a big thank you to all the guys at the Faktory and Goldstar Gym, Hywel Teague, my training manager, Steve Hannah my conditioning coach, and my manager Dave Kirkland. Oh, and thanks to everyone for listening to my early middle-aged rambling….sigh.

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