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· Revgear Launches “Samurai Series”

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Press Release:

Van Nuys, California (USA): Revgear, one of the top fight gear manufacturers in combat sports today, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its “Samurai Series”. This revolutionary series of products personifies Revgear’s reputation for delivering quality, dependable gear through innovation and technology. As the evolution of combat sports gear continues with Revgear at the forefront of its movement, the “Samurai Series” is slated to take fight gear to the next level.

In a sport with new gear brands and companies springing up on a seemingly daily basis, Revgear’s 16 years of stability and sustainability stand out as the standard. In fact, Revgear produced some of the very first MMA gloves for training, which were designed to protect the hands while punching while still allowing for effective grappling by featuring an open-palm structure. In addition, Revgear’s products were utilized by many early UFC fighters. Bart Vale, Marco Ruas, Pedro Rizzo, Erik Paulson, and Maurice Smith all used Revgear Ultralight Shin Guards, a product that remains a top seller to this day. And many others utilized the Revgear equipment in training. Revgear’s roots in MMA run very, very deep.

The “Samurai Series” is the next example of Revgear’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge of combat gear, year in and year out, and bringing its fans the very best consistently in an ever-changing industry. For example, the printing process for the “Samurai Series” is so revolutionary that there are only three people who know how it was developed.

Inspired by the ancient combatants of centuries past, Revgear created the “Samurai Series” to provide modern armor for the modern warrior. The personification of this modern warrior can be found in UFC competitor Ed “Short Fuse” Herman, who is representing the “Samurai Series”. Over and over again, the 6’2”, 185-pound Herman has put it all on the line in the cage, win lose, or draw, in the name of fight glory. His willingness to battle at all costs makes him a great fit with Revgear, as “Short Fuse” exemplifies the warrior spirit that the “Samurai Series” is all about.In keeping with the tradition of the ancient Japanese Gusoku, the “Samurai Series” is the perfect balance of form and function. The artwork and patterns are modeled after actual samurai armor, mimicking the leather, steel, and iron plates displayed on the ancient gear. With the Tekkō  MMA Gloves, the Kote Boxing Gloves, the Suneate Shin Guards, the Happuri Head Gear, and the Haidate Fight Shorts that make up Revgear’s “Samurai Series,” modern warriors everywhere can gain the edge needed in today’s evolving combat sports world.

The “Samurai Series” bears Japanese symbols with a sleek armor design. It involves a revolutionary design process that makes the graphic permanent so it will not rub or peel. The line also features gel padding, steel-like wrist support, and moisture wicking non-slip linings that won’t restrict movement during hand-to-hand combat. As a result, athletes can look cool while training with top quality gear. Constructed of high-quality, durable leather, the “Samurai Series” is comprised of:

·        Tekkō MMA Gloves – The Softech™ Leather the Tekkō gloves are constructed out of gives them a “worn-in” feel, so there is no need to break them in. The glove mirrors its ancient predecessor, in that its function was to cover and protect the back of the hand while leaving the palm open for solid grip during hand-to-hand combat.

·        Boxing Gloves – Just like with the Tekkō  MMA Gloves, there’s no need to treat or break-in the leather with its Softech™ Leather. The Kote was the sleeve portion of Gusoku Japanese armor, and was meant to protect the wrist and arm close to the hand. With its design, the “Samurai Series” Kote is a modern day version of steel and leather sleeve armor.
·        Suneate Shin Guards – The guards have a pre-curved contour profile, so there’s no need to break them in, while a metatarsal pad provides solid foot coverage to prevent bruising and injury. With that pre-curved profile, the Samurai Suneate protects the shin much like traditional steel and rawhide greaves did.

·         Happuri Head Gear – Interior lining holds the head gear in place while sparring, and the Formfit™ cheek protection features a wide-eye area for maximum peripheral vision. With that level of peripheral vision, athletes can stare down any opposing warrior while wearing the Happuri, which often represented scary demons and ferocious beasts intended for psychological intimidation in the times of the ancient samurai.

·         Haidate Fight Shorts – With these fight shorts, high kicks and full range of leg movement are easily achieved with 360-degree stretch fabric. In similar fashion, the Haidate was the portion of Gusoku armor known as the thigh guard, which was made of steel and rawhide, and hung from the waist like a pair of shorts covering the thighs without restricting movement.

The official launch date of the “Samurai Series” is December 6th, 2012. The series will be available exclusively online at MMA Warehouse (,default,sc.html), and OTM Fight Shop ( will have brick and mortar exclusivity. The entire collection is available on the Revgear website (, and it’s available for pre-orders for wholesale with delivery by January 14th, 2013. In addition, “Samurai Series” will be available for retail sale on January 14th.

For more information on Revgear and the Samurai Series, please visit can also be found on Facebook at and o,n Twitter @Revgear.

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