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· “Dirty” Bob Schrijber Talks about Stefan Struve and UFC Contracts

· Article author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Posted on 03/03 at 03:50 AM

After making his unsuccessful debut at UFC 95 with a loss to the rising star Junior dos Santos, the security of Dutch fighter Stefan Struve's future in the organization is less than certain.  Despite coming off an impressive five fight winning streak, including two wins over former UFC fighters Colin Robinson and Mario Neto, and holding a 16-3 record, Struve may find himself on Joe Silva's notoriously unforgiving chopping block.  Recently, Struve's trainer "Dirty" Bob Schrijber spoke to the demanding details of a UFC contract.

Struve made his professional debut in the GFN organization when he was only 17, fighting against John De Wilde at Gentlemen Fight Night.  Being just 21 years old now, Struve's future looks to be exceedingly bright.  However, his first major setback, a loss in the UFC, may momentarily dampen his immediate prospects for success. 

SBTN MMA offered this translation of some recent comments made by Bob Schrijber regarding the future of his young protégé.

The way the UFC works is that you get a contract which states you HAVE TO win your first 2 fights or you're out.

IF you lose the first one, you get a do over, IF you have shown them something, which Stefan didn't do.

The last option is that the UFC puts his contract on hold, and then he has to fight AND win 2 fights outside the UFC and when you do the UFC resumes your contract.

I have a meeting with the UFC execs in two weeks and then we'll hear what the UFC wants to do with Stefan, I'll keep you posted.

Writing this hurts. After 5 weeks of grueling training, sharing and living with Stefan in which i saw Stefan more than my own wife this happens. It sucks, but shit happens and Stefan remains our friend and we're very proud of him and believe in him 100%. Because beyond being an excellent athlete he's also a very good person.

Stefan turned 21 just this Wednesday and he has a great future ahead of him. People, this is what this sport is about and "only winners have friends" but everyone in our team who tries hard remains our friend even in failure.

Being that UFC contracts remain highly-guarded secrets within the organization (especially for non-TUF contracts), and that the speculation regarding the intimate details of these contracts tends to run amuck amongst the fans and media outlets, Schrijber offers a rare glimpse into just how difficult it is for a pro fighter to make his debut in the UFC and how challenging it is to remain there. 

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